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The SolidRock series of photo and video tripods offers the ideal combination of strength and weight without compromising stability. Each SolidRock Tripod offers a Double Panorama, low centre of gravity ball head with a centre column free design.

Without Compromise

Kingjoy SolidRock tripod series provides the ultimate in stability, without compromise. We believe panoramic heads, spikes and premium quality should be a given, and not an additional extra.

Travel without compromise with the SolidRock C82 tripod.

The All-round creative SolidRock C83 tripod covers a wide range of usage for all needs.

The ultimate in stability, the SolidRock C85 tripod offers maximum height and stability in the worst of conditions in a lightweight package.

“In the context of pro-standard carbon-fibre tripods, that is very good value for money. It offers an excellent maximum height and you can quickly get a super-low position if required.

And the levelling bowl is really handy too, making camera  levelling a cinch.

With kit of the quality tested here, Kingjoy might not be a widely known brand in the UK at the moment, but that will surely change - and quickly.”

Photography News - Issue 100

Kingjoy’s SolidRock C85 is an impressive piece kit. It’s perhaps best suited to landscape photographers shooting with high-resolution cameras, who need a sturdy, reliable support that won’t be fazed by difficult conditions such as wind or sand.

*Testbench Recommended*

Amateur Photographer Magazine

I discovered a long time ago that flimsy budget tripods are a false economy. I often see people flailing about with complicated-to-set-up tripods on workshops and heavy expensive equipment being balanced precariously on top of tripods too small to be a stable support. I am thrilled that the new Kingjoy tripods have addressed the fundamental needs of the landscape photographer.

Andy Farrer

I have been using the Kingjoy C85 for just over a year now and it has been a great replacement for my previous tripod. The C85 works very well for me as a landscape photographer, especially working on the Isle of Skye, which can provide challenging conditions at times. It has proved to be very sturdy and I haven’t missed a shot whilst using it.

Nick Hanson

As a professional photographer tripods are a vital part of my kitbag, and truly something I can’t live without. I have been using the tripod for several months now, and it has successfully rivalled and beaten my previous ‘legs’ in many ways a daily photographer, hobbyist, amateur or full-time pro like me needs it to do — the beating I have put this tripod through, the salt water from the Suffolk Coast, the mud from the Norfolk Coast and everything between, has shown what a remarkable bit of kit it is.

Harry Wheeler-Brand