Kingjoy Tripods UK

Kingjoy Tripods UK is part of Specialist Photo Network, specialists in importing and introducing high-quality photo and video equipment into the UK. Specialist Photo is run by photographers for photographers.

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Kingjoy Photographic Equipment Co Ltd, est 2004, is a leading manufacturer in Photographic and Video equipment, mobile and action camera accessorises in the Photo/Video Imaging Industry. With over 17-years’ OEM and ODM experience for some of the best known brands globally.

Offering a complete in-house production process, from tooling, injection moulding, CNC machining and assembly, in its large scale manufacturer facilities.

With over 17-years’ OEM and ODM experience, for some of the biggest, and well-known brands globally since 2004, selling products worldwide, and registered brands in 39 countries.

With an established R&D department, Kingjoy has developed new award-winning products year-on-year.
Producing high-end, professional quality products to match professionals needs and environments.
Kingjoy is a ISO9001:2015 Management Systems Certified company.

I have been using the Kingjoy C85 for just over a year now and it has been a great replacement for my previous tripod. It is of a very similar spec to my previous tripod in terms of height, sections and weight, so has been a seamless move from one brand to another.The C85 works very well for me as a landscape photographer, especially working on the Isle of Skye, which can provide challenging conditions at times. It has proved to be very sturdy and I haven’t missed a shot whilst using it.

Nick Hanson

I discovered a long time ago that flimsy budget tripods are a false economy. I often see people flailing about with complicated-to-set-up tripods on workshops and heavy expensive equipment being balanced precariously on top of tripods too small to be a stable support. I am thrilled that the new Kingjoy tripods have addressed the fundamental needs of the landscape photographer.

Andy Farrer

Despite it being a brand that I hadn't previously heard of, it has a similar look and feel, and no doubt build quality, as the long established professional tripod manufacturers.  In my time testing the tripod so far, over many trips to the coast, moorland and woodlands it has proved to be stable, solid and very reassuring.

Adam Burton

The Kingjoy performed at every level and was super smooth to set up and maintained rigid stability no matter what the elements threw at it, including 40 mph winds.

I was shocked at just how good the value for money was with this tripod in comparison to my Gitzo which had easily crossed the £1000 threshold with the addition of the panning base and bowl, this was a standard on the Kingjoy for a mere fraction of the price, and it even it included a tripod head unlike the Gitzo.

Daniel Wretham

As a professional photographer tripods are a vital part of my kitbag, and truly something I can’t live without. I have been using the tripod for several months now, and it has successfully rivalled and beaten my previous ‘legs’ in many ways a daily photographer, hobbyist, amateur or full-time pro like me needs it to do — the beating I have put this tripod through, the salt water from the Suffolk Coast, the mud from the Norfolk Coast and everything between, has shown what a remarkable bit of kit it is.

Harry Wheeler-Brand